Sept 21-24 NYC + Virtual
Portrait of Weyl

Glen Weyl

Political Economist & Social Technologist, Microsoft Research Special Projects; Founder, RadicalxChange Foundation

As the primary intellectual collaborator of Vitalik Buterin (co-founder of Ethereum) and Audrey Tang (Digital Minister of Taiwan), Glen Weyl has shaped the world’s most vibrant digital decentralized ecosystem and a national democracy. As co-author of ""Radical Markets,"" Weyl invented social technologies, like quadratic voting, that have become the gold standard for democratic innovation.  

As an adviser on geopolitics and macroeconomics to Microsoft’s senior leaders, Weyl has helped companies navigate the intersection of an unsettled world with exponential technical progress. As Founder of RadicalxChange and technical co-lead of the Committee for Pandemic Testing, Weyl has built a global social movement across civil, academic, public and private sectors to tackle the most pressing and enduring social challenges.

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