Sept 21-24 NYC + Virtual
Picture of "Are DAOs the Future of Collaboration?"

Are DAOs the Future of Collaboration?

Day Two - Sept 23 – Griffin East

Part I: Blockchain Fairy Tales
Part II: Are DAOs the Future of Collaboration? 

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are organizations that codify their values on the blockchain through smart contracts. They may help us reimagine our approach to collaboration of any kind — from corporations to journalism to fundraising to political campaigns. In this session, we’ll experience DAOs with the arts collective Blockchain Fairy Tales and then explore the opportunity and challenges in these new community structures with three leading DAO mavens and mayors.


Blockchain Fairy Tales is made by many in collaboration with Columbia University's School of the Arts' Digital Storytelling Lab, and features the work of Romy Nehme, Jörgen van der Sloot, Takaaki Okada, Stephen Smith, Tanya Vlach, Olivia Powell, Aaron Santiago, Reiner Clabbers, and Patrick Bender.

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